How to make those trend white tinny borders. (1)

asked by anonymous 

Is a really fast tutorial but if you prefer:

1º - Open the picture blá blá

2º - click on the rectangular marquee tool and make a rectangle in the picture

3º - right button > stroke > width 1 px > select the color

4º - do it again if you want two strips 

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Anonymous asked: "how can you put your askbox under the submit box?"

1º - you must have the ask box page already and open it.

2º - go to HTML and past the code bellow changing the YOURURL.TUMBLR.COM for, well, your URL. Click save and that’s it! 

 ( *    <p><iframe frameborder=”0" scrolling=”no" width=”100%" height=”500" id=”submit_form" src=”" style=”background-color:transparent; overflow:hidden;"></iframe><!—[if IE]><script type=”text/javascript”>document.getElementById(‘submit_form’).allowTransparency=true;</script><![endif]—></p> * )


But if you want the submit box first is just you create a new page and paste the submit code and paste the ask box code after, which is: 

(*     <div id=”title2">Ask</div> <p><iframe frameborder=”0" scrolling=”no" width=”100%" height=”149" src=”" style=”background-color:transparent; overflow:hidden;" id=”ask_form"></iframe><!—[if IE]><script type=”text/javascript”>document.getElementById(‘ask_form’).allowTransparency=true;</script><![endif]—></p>     *)

hope you understand :)

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Anonymous asked: "Hi, your blog has helped me so so much but I'm constantly facing the same problem. I'm using the Topaz filter, psd's and smart sharpen to make nice edits but whenever I save the photo in Photoshop and post in on Tumblr, it comes our pixely. If there is anyway you know how I could fix this I would really love to know. Love your blog and thanks :)"

make sure that your picture width is 500px and save as .jpg like this:

thank you and let me know if this doesn’t works :)

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Topaz Clean: Download+Set Up+Settings (for Windows)

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How to: Movie Posters 2 (with PS brushes)

asked by: dancelikeheya

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Anonymous asked: "how put the moldure around the pic?"

is a texture that you can download on lovecolorings blog

then you set it to lighten or screen, if you need more help with textures click here


1º - open the image, edit, crop, sharpen…

2º - create a new layer (

3º - click in these tool   and draw lines (#48444f) in the extremes of the picture like this:

4º - then you set the blending to screen if you want that it gets a little transparent like this:

is done, hope i helped :)

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brooklynbaber asked: "um tutorial de como aplicar texturas e um tutorial de como deixar o fundo de uma foto de uma cor só."

applying textures:

i gonna use this texture pack by northerndawn

1º - open you image and edit

2º - open the texture (number 6) and drag it to the edited image canvas

3º - change the blending mode (that depends of the texture and the image but i usually use lighten or screen) and the opacity if you want to.

4º - then save it

without the texture:          


with the texture:

i’ll make another post about the second doubt :)

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What is a .psd  asked by paymeinsecrets and how to use.

you don’t actually need open the folder and change the stuff.

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anonymous asked: “how can i do this [27. media. tumblr. com/tumblr_m340tdkJCG1qltm62o1_250. gif] and this [28. media. tumblr. com/tumblr_m340tdkJCG1qltm62o2_250. gif] i mean the different colors in one gif”


the gifs are made by my friend Anna (kristews)

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